Life history in a make-up bag

wp-1477763413647.jpgGoing through a make-up bag you haven’t cleaned out in decades (and still use daily) is truly like taking a walk down memory lane.

Today I became frustrated with the many items in said make-up bag because I couldn’t get to anything I truly needed. So I dumped it in the sink — and my life history unexpectedly fell out.

First there were countless old hair bands — the kind that ripped your hair out at the end of the day. Those came from my late teen years — with my near waist-long hair — oh how I miss my long hair.

Then there were tons of those silver barrettes — that kept my hair out of my face when I was driving with my very first car — a Chevy station wagon. This car had no air conditioning, if you wanted heat it took 30 minutes before it produced any on a cold winter day and it dropped a quart of oil and power steering fluid — A DAY. I used to buy them in bulk at Sam’s Club. But, it was my first car. My first wheels. The first time I could get into my own car and drive anywhere I wanted (as long as I had cardboard to put under it so it didn’t drop oil in friends’ driveways).

Next came the make-up brushes. Seriously, I don’t even think I ever used them. I was never truly into lipstick for long periods of time and I just have no idea what all those brushes were for. My daily make-up routine has never included those. My guess is I received them as a gift and I just put them in my bag.

Then out tumbled an old foil Cadbury’s Egg wrapper. Huh? Maybe I was eating one of those and putting my make-up on at the same time? Who knows. But I sure do love those Cadbury Eggs.

Then there was eyeliner — I swear like 10 kinds of eyeliner and they were who knows how old! There was pencil eyeliner (which I don’t use anymore), liquid eye liner, glitter eye liner (so cool!!) and some that had the labels worn off. Most I threw away.

As I unpacked my make-up bag and tossed old items in the trash, memories kept tumbling out. Of my days as a student working two jobs to get my associates degree. Of my days driving an hour to go to school to finish my undergrad degree. And working on the side.

Of people past. Of friendships past. Of countless experiences. Of living at home with my mother and brother. Of hanging out all night with friends and still managing to make it to school and work the next day.

So. Many. Memories. Bittersweet in many cases.

Who knew my life history was located in my make-up bag? It almost made me sad to throw the items away, but it’s really nice to be able to find what I actually need.

I’m grateful for those memories. Those treasured memories. I’m hoping this post will preserve them.


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