Nearly day 1,000, blog transformation

As I write this, I am less than 100 days away from Day 1,000 in my daily gratitude postings on Facebook. To see an explanation of how I got started, go to my day 800 post.

I’ve changed the name of this blog to Wandering Pigeon: Gratitude. On day 1,000 I will be changing focus a bit — reaching out beyond Facebook. A blog post will come on that day. For now, it’s a bit of a secret. image

For those who will visiting this blog and my blog page on Facebook, for the first time (and for the oldies) I have decided to keep my brand, The Wandering Pigeon. How did the  name come about you might ask? Well, funny story ….

My blog wasn’t always called The Wandering Pigeon. The name actually was born in New York City. New York City was incredible (this was my first visit to the city) — and as an avid bird lover — I noticed how many pigeons lived in the city. One of the mornings we were there, I became enamored with a group of pigeons who were feasting on some bread. I wanted a photo of one pigeon in particular because it had some unusual coloring. As I wandered off chasing after this pigeon (successfully getting a picture, I might add), I didn’t realize how far off my path I had wandered. This adventure led me to getting lost in NYC, alone. Thus, the name was born and it stuck.

I have decided to continue with my name and add the word “gratitude.” I have also decided to keep my previous posts rather than removing them as they are my history and my journey.

However, this blog will lean more toward gratitude postings from here forward. I was thinking the other day … I never was truly consistent in blogging, but I’ve kept my gratitude posts up for nearly 1,000 days. Boom. That’s where this blog needs to head … Toward the gratitude I’m so deeply passionate about.

More posts to come!

With gratitude,



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