‘We’re having a blizzard!’

20160327_093410.jpg“We’re having a blizzard!” Those were my words last night and I was playing a joke on someone.

And today we woke up to snow. A pretty decent blanket of snow.

Maybe, quite possibly, I should have not joked about the snow. So, to all the people who woke up to Easter Snow, it’s probably my fault. All. My. Fault.

Now, with all that aside. I love snow. I love waking up to it — that fresh, beautiful, blanket of white, pure snow. I love the way it gently covers the ground and insulates the world from sound. I love looking on the ground for bird tracks and I love seeing my tiny poodle’s tracks in the snow after she’s been outside to potty.

20160327_093316.jpgI love how it sticks to every surface — in the nooks and crannies of the trees and everywhere in between. 20160327_093359.jpg

As I write this a host of birds are in the driveway where the snow has already melted. They are searching for food and a few are taking baths. Beauty. Simple beauty.

The colors outside are striking this morning — Red Bud trees are in full bloom, the buds peeking out under the snow. The green tops of lilies are poking out just above the snow. It’s so beautiful. We’ve had such little snow this year that this is a true gift.

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