Meditation woes

wpid-img_20150215_234234.jpgI was having significant problems sleeping last night so I tried this app on my Kindle. I love guided Meditation so I was excited to try this app I found.

So I settled in, headphones on, trying to drown out the dog snores.

Breathe deeply. Got it. Imagine an ocean. Fantastic. I could almost feel the waves lapping my toes and the sunshine on my face. Relaxation in progress.

Then the app switches to another meditation…one in a room she coined a spa. Well, ok. That sounds nice. As she guides through the imagery I do pretty good. I imagine myself in this circular room, with deep blue tile and a rain ceiling with the smell of lavender all around me. There is a fountain on the other side, with a stream running to the center of the room, spilling into a hot tub type thing.

Then she guides my attention to the center of the room. Ok, cool! I get to go imagine sitting in my hot tub! She says in the center of the room is something oval. OK? An oval hot tub? I guess I can handle that. Then it all comes apart. She says the oval-shaped thing in the center is a bed filled with feather pillows. Um…so that blows my stream flowing into the center unless I want to sleep in a soaked bed.

So, I snap out of the meditation irritated and confused. Why would a bed be in my spa room? Why did she guide me to a fountain and then just drop me into an oval bed in the floor?

I prefer my hot tub, for sure. An oval bed makes no sense. I imaged this dark hole in the floor, oval-shaped, of course. Filled with feather pillows. I imagine myself falling into it…into the abyss.


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