‘Gravy mode’

Give me a minute: I have a confession to make.

I live for “gravy mode.” What is “gravy mode” do you ask?

Let me explain.

A few weeks ago I finSONY DSCally got a Fitbit, after a lot of encouragement from my friend, Susan, and my coworker, Jessie. Finally, I made the investment. And they were right — it’s a ton of fun. My favorite part about having a Fitbit is the daily showdown challenge and the workweek hustle. Though, come on Fitbit, how am I ever supposed to get ahead of my friends when you tell them i’m coming to get them? It’s pretty funny and a great encouragement to get out of your chair to keep up with your friend.

But, back to gravy.

I set my step goal at 10,000. I had already been doing 10,000 a day, only I had to carry my phone around EVERYWHERE to get those steps. The Fitbit has saved me from having to take my phone even across the room. I was once at work and I started to walk out to my car. It was a cold day — really cold. And I got halfway out of the newsroom and I walked back in to my desk. I told my coworker, Jessie, “I have to get my phone, I’m getting credit for these steps!”

Yes, it was time for a Fitbit.

Oh, but back to gravy. Remember, the pigeon likes to wander. I love pigeons.

Gravy mode: all steps after 10,000. When my watch buzzes and the light show flashes across my band — that’s when I’m officially in gravy mode. I’m addicted to gravy mode.

After all, who doesn’t like gravy?


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