A frozen landscape and a dose of perspective

We started the day today in the 30s — and by sundown it was all of 14 degrees. After nearly 24 hours of steady rain, the sudwpid-img_20150201_210615.jpgden cold weather was such a beautiful gift, transforming the world from a slick, wet reflection to a frozen, depth-filled landscape.

Today also provided me with a much-needed photo opportunity and much-needed perspective. For me, photographs are an expression of freedom. I am free, no matter what situation I’m in or what is going on in the world around me, to see the world how I choose to see it. I choose what lens to look through.

Photography is a way to relieve stress and a way to share with others the beauty I see through my lens of choice.

Today I woke up with this attitude: today is the day before Monday. Tomorrow I start the work week hustle. Again. Naturally, this brought some anxiety about all that needs to be accomplished tomorrow and the next five days.

By the end of the day, however, I chose to look through another lens — today, Sunday, is a gift. A frozen tundra-like world full of beauty and potential.

Frozen foam from a lake
Frozen foam from a lake

At any time, any of us, are free to look at the world however we please to perceive it. That perception can be negative or positive. Today is Sunday. The day before Monday and another busy week. OR: today is Sunday, what a gift I get to be on this Earth another day! Let’s go out and explore it!

Thank you, Mother Nature, for providing these amazing photo opportunities and reminding me to change my lens.


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