Waiting on Christmas Day

It remember it like the scene out of “A Christmas Story.” The child stands at the window early Christmas morning to discover it had snowed outside overnight. A fresh blanket of snow covers everything — glistening in the early-morning sunrise.

I recall a Christmas morning just like that as a child. It was truly magical. In that moment as I stared out the window, I forgot what day it was — I forgot the tree downstairs was surrounded by presents waiting to be opened. Of course, that moment was small as my brother and I bounded downstairs to open our treasures.

I also recall as a child waiting up for Santa. I’d lie in bed waiting for Santa to arrive — this would finally be the year I was going to actually see him! Well, it never happened — I always fell asleep. I honestly was never a night owl. On family trips, my mom would drive, I would be awake with mom during the day and my brother, who is the night owl, would be awake with her into the night.

As an adult, my reasons for waiting on Christmas have changed. I seek out the magic of the season — the glitter, the atmosphere, the excitement and I can’t wait to give my loved-ones treasures to enjoy. I love seeing the joy on people’s faces.

As an adult, it’s not what I receive for Christmas, it’s what I’m able to give that brings me joy. (Yes, I do find joy in receiving gifts too, but giving is so much more fulfilling).

I saw a video earlier this season of children in Africa opening shoeboxes filled with gifts. I remember participating in one of these drives some time ago, but the video really brought to light the importance of these. You may see the video here.

I hope everyone had a lovely, blessed Christmas.

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