Winter cleaning at the paper

So what happens when a co-worker in the newsroom decides to start cleaning and then decides to switch desks altogether?

Fall. Cleaning.

Which seriously happens like once every 10 years at the paper. I’m not really stretching the truth — not much anyway.

It’s a rare day when we clean around here but when one of us does it, the bug usually spreads and it becomes a friendly little competition.

What’s even funnier is that cleaning seriously freaks out coworkers who aren’t in the newsroom. A reporter here, Kathleen, took photos of Jessie’s empty desk after she had moved to another one — texts ensued from a co-worker who isn’t in the office this afternoon. Apparently suddenly-empty desks in the newsroom causes a bit of a panic.

But life is good, my desk is clean (because, of course, I can’t let Jessie’s desk be cleaner than mine)!

Cheers and happy weekend!

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