The Gift

Imagine that each day on your doorstep, a brightly-colored package shows up. You choose the colors, ribbons and such — whatever works best for your own personal visual. For me, I prefer green shiny paper with a big red ribbon. 

You rush outside every morning to retrieve this gift. Some days you savor the pattern of the paper and hold it in your hand a few moments. Other days you tear into it, rushing off and quickly putting the paper in the trash can.
Inside this package is a gift — the gift of a new day. You pull out the pieces of paper and they say this:

  • Today I’m going to have a good day.
  • Today I choose to be positive.
  • Today I choose to be kind.
  • Today I choose to be angry.
  • Today I choose to be bitter.
  • Today I choose to be mean.
Each day, you choose a piece of paper — visual aside — quite literally.
The choice to be positive, happy or angry and bitter is very much ours. Each and every day.
There are the days where you choose to get up just a bit earlier, go onto your doorstep, get that package and savor that cup of coffee while watching the sun come up. You’re enjoying the package your gift is wrapped in.
There are the days when you pick the package up, don’t even open it and still make a choice to stay angry or hurt about something. The gift goes wasted.
If we’re lucky — and many people aren’t — that gift will show up on our doorstep again and again, day after day.
Not all days are going to be rosy. Not all days are going to be easy to make a conscious choice to be happy or positive.
But many days we can make that choice. We can choose to pull that piece of paper out of the box that says “Today I choose to be happy, positive and kind.”
And the option is even available to us to choose another piece of paper from that package after we picked the first one. We don’t have to stay with our original choice all day.
This column came to me after a particularly challenging week, when I realized I was not just picking the negative piece of paper out of my package, but many mornings I wasn’t even going outside the challenges to go look at the package that showed up on my doorstep — my new day. That package is precious indeed.
Which piece of paper will you choose today?

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