Twitter oh Twitter

So, since my Twitter profile is public, I thought I’d take the time to explain myself — and explain my Twitter feed.

Every Saturday night you could say my tweets might get a bit confusing if taken out of context if you’re not watching the movie I am watching.

Each Saturday evening at 8 p.m. Central, ChillerTV plays a horror flick — sometimes the movie sucks and other times it’s fairly decent — and a group of us tweet under the #ScarySocial hashtag.

The tweets can range from questionable to funny to downright confusing if you aren’t following along.

We’re an interesting, snarky group, us ScarySocialites. We really and truly did meet on the Internet, like the promo for the event states.

So if you see a tweet that goes like this: “and they thought going into a dark hole was a good idea because??” or like this “go away truck driver, this doesn’t concern you” followed by the #ScarySocial hashtag, I’m watching a Saturday night horror flick on Twitter.
If you’re reading this, you should totally join us.

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