National Novel Writing Month and an introduction

National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) is RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER! And I couldn’t be more excited! 50,000 words in 30 days, that’s what it’s all about. This year I plan on picking up where I left off last year and finishing what I started. So, another 50,000 words here I come! Last year came complete with ups, downs and even a family death…this year I don’t know what life will bring but I’m ready for the challenge.

I have a couple of introductions to make. This year I decided to adopt two “NaNo Angels.” Basically everybody creates characters (angels) and offers them up for adoption. These angels help keep you in line and keep you focused. It’s a fun twist. I created two this year, Phoebe and Aster. They have been adopted. I wish them well! I also adopted two angels: Lee and Squirrels. Below are their descriptions written by other NaNo participants:

“My angel is Squirrels, a tiny angel who looks about 11 years old and is her own person. She loves running in the rain, wearing socks on her hands, and sleeping outside. Her favorite color is the blue of the sky and she enjoys eating Nutella by the container full. She’s always hyper and finds sleeping useless. Squirrels loves listening to Asian pop music while dancing in the clouds.
Squirrels has layered black hair down to her shoulders and golden brown skin. Her eyes are a piercing blue that shock people who look into them.”

“Lee. She has warm brown hair in waves down to her shoulders and bright blue eyes. She’s quick to smile and loves to joke around. But, when your sitting on your ass she’s quick to pull you back up, spin you around until your seeing stars and put you in front of your computer. She hates coffee (more for you) and instead eats peppermint hot chocolate. She wears a white knit hat with ‘NaNo Angel’ written in gold lettering. She’s very energetic and when she isn’t busy helping you write she likes to skateboard and read. She insists on reading your novel when it’s finished and secretly stores your NaNoisms and put them on the NaNoisms thread without telling you. If you don’t finish NaNo she pouts and hides for weeks until she forgives you. Then, she starts badgering you about how your going to win next year.
She looks like this:

Thank you to Moogle and FantasyGirl14 for these dear angels!

So, on Nov. 1, Lee, Squirrels and I will embark on a month of literary abandon!



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