NaNo Day 9

Well, despite another soul-eating day, I managed to get in my daily word count. I wrote a total of 1774 words today, bringing my grand total to 17,357. That’s still ahead of the “required” 15,000 word count at this stage of the month.

Today I gave myself 45 minutes to write and I wrote anything and everything that came to my mind in relation to my characters. It was interesting to see how quickly I could pound the words out.

Nevertheless, I’ve reached my goal today. I have 32,643 words to write and 21 days to write them in. At this rate, I will finish on Nov. 26. However, with a pending trip for a family funeral this weekend across the state, I may not stay ahead of the game like this. RIP Uncle Bob. Thanks for some wonderful family memories. You will be missed by many.

So, for today, success.

Onward and updwards,

Cheers (from a not-so cheery person tonight),


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  1. Hey cheer up. You are doing so well. Give yourself a break when unexpected “life” comes up. I'm glad you are going to Uncle Bob's service. Is your Mom going too??? You will get to see family. I wish I could be there. Hug them for me too. Love you!!


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