So nice to see them again…

The signs of spring are all around me. The tulips are peeking out of the ground. The lilles are poking their tops out too. Even the birds seem to be chirping louder and with more intensity trying to prepare for the next brood.

But for me, living in an agriculture-based area, the ultimate sign of spring is the farmers out working the land and listening to the hum of the plows and planters until he wee hours of the morning. For you city folks, this might be an annoyance, but for agriculture folks, this is the ultimate sign of spring. And it’s beautiful.

I smile when I look across the field in the middle of the night and see the faint lights of the plow running up and down the field. I love it when I am waiting to get down my road because of a cloud of dust kicked up by a plow, a sprayer and other random farm equipment. It makes me smile. It doesn’t bother me at all. It’s one of my favorite things. It’s part of living in the country and respecting the work our farmers do. If you live in an agriculture area, be prepared for agriculture actitivies.

Got a bit of topic there, but it’s here. Spring is here. Or at least well on her way. And it’s so unbelieveably nice to see the farm equipment out and about again.

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