Happy belated V-Day!

Sorry! I meant to post this ON Valentine’s Day, but forgot!!

It’s Valentine’s Day.

It seems only fitting to come up with a blog!

Many people see Valentine’s Day as an “icky sticky” day. Yes, it is that. It’s a day for lovers. A day for sweethearts.

But it’s also a day of just plain love. And the celebration of love. A celebration of love that makes our best times better and our worst times bearable. A celebration of friendship. The very basics of life. We need friendship and love to survive. We need it to thrive. Without it, what do we have?

Even if you’re spending tonight alone, there is someone out there that loves you and cares for you. Promise!

So, it’s not just a day for sweethearts. Yeah, that’s a big part of it…but don’t forget all the other people along the way. Don’t forget the very basic concept of love.

And don’t forget to wish someone Happy Valentine’s Day! It’s a day for all of us.


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