Thinks she’s big!

It is so hard being a little three-pound poodle, especially when you think you’re as big as a pit bull.

And I’ve realized, it’s scary being a “poodle mom” of a three-pound poodle. Owning a poodle this size comes with a lot of responsibility. My Mayiah, my little poodle, thinks she’s big. No, correct me here, she KNOWS she’s big. But every once in a while she gets a reminder that she’s small. And she comes running screaming to her “mommy.” Last night was one of those nights.

I was just home hanging out with my babies. Mayiah was rough-housing with the boys (two shih tzus). They were running around the room and Mayiah was doing her usual bumble bee routine. Her growl sounds like a small bee.

The next thing I knew Mayiah was on the floor and Chewie jumped off the couch, landing right on her. Mayiah yelped and continued to cry all the way over to me. She jumped in my lap and when I touched her she cried even louder. Scared the crap out of me. She calmed down after a bit and I kept a close eye on her to make sure she hadn’t seriously hurt anything.

She seemed fine all night. But me being the paranoid poodle mom, continued to peer in at her all night — just to make sure she was OK. It was just scary. And when my Mayiah comes running to me with her tail tucked between her legs, she’s been hurt. Because normally she’s a “tough dog” who beats the tar out of the boys.

But that night, she was momma’s baby. In need of her poodle mom. Oh, the joys (and worries) of owning a small dog.

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