The plastic pigeon’s journey begins…

pigeon 2
He’s all ready to go!

Recently I had an idea compliments of the Letter Writers Alliance, which I am a member of. I had an idea to mail a plastic pigeon.

I was skeptical as to whether it would actually make it — and make it intact. So Sunday, I slapped the label to his back (he required extra tape to hold it down) and I headed to the local post office to drop it in the mail. There was only one issue at this point: the pigeon didn’t fit. So, I drove to a town about 10 miles away to see if they had a different type of mailbox and bingo! I had to squeeze him in a bit, but he fit and hit with a thud.

Since Sunday my grandma and I have been anxiously awaiting his arrival to her house. He arrived safe and sound today! Intact even!

I wasn’t sure if it was OK to mail him, but according to the Letter Writers Alliance, it doesn’t violate any rules to mail a plastic pigeon — but you can only mail it domestically as it doesn’t fit the rules for international mailing on its own.

pigeon 3
Safe at grandma’s!

So, I’m looking forward to his return and exchanging him back and forth with my grandma.

I’m so glad I decided to get creative!

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