A creative place

So I’ve been a little stagnant in my writing lately. So, today I decided to make myself a “place” to write. I cleared off a library desk in the house and set wpid-20150131_222403.jpgit up for the perfect little writing hideaway. After all, my novel isn’t going to finish itself and I truly do want to finish it.

I’ve been a bit uninspired lately for one reason or another — work is stressful. I’ve been sick. Just been plain busy. But I realize that many authors out there have full-time jobs and they still find the time to write. It’s all in where your priorities lie — or don’t lie depending on how you look at it.

I’m excited for my new writing space. At this very moment I’m typing with two candles on each side. Earlier I wrote today’s journal entry by candlelight. And now I’m making my first real blog post in over a week. So, score!

Now, let’s hope I am inspired by this time tomorrow to write my printed column…at this point I don’t really have any great idea. But, something will creep in my head I’m sure.