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This website + blog is a little bit of everything!

Through photos and stories I will show you around my home state of Kansas and I’ll take you along on my travels. And you’ll get insider travels tips on the places I visit.

AND you can also purchase my beautiful photography and bring a piece of the places I visit into your home.

So, thank you for being here.

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Anyone who has followed me through the years knows I like to wander. It’s what I do. It’s  the core of my existence. So, what does this have to do with this blog + site? EVERYTHING!

I was going to delete this site and focus solely on photography (I even built a new site). However, after gaining some clarity while on vacation this past week I realized I have something good going right here. On this site and photography, travel, and writing endeavors can all be accomplished right here on The Wandering Pigeon.

To anyone who still follows this, thank you. And stay tuned for a facelift and slight re-branding.

Also upcoming in the next few months: an email list! There you’ll get exclusive content, tips, and life hacks. You don’t want to miss this! But, for now, keep your eyes here and on my social media sites!

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After the flood

Last night I went for a drive out in the country. Much of the area I enjoy driving through has been underwater for a couple of 11401021_10152804689302035_8392648700044032249_nweeks. Yesterday, a majority of the flood waters had receded and since it had been so recent, the landscape was drastically different than it normally looks.10407902_10152804689037035_6703364754926618166_n

What is normally a corn or bean field looked like an ocean or desert, but it was really the sun shining on the mud transforming it into something I’d never seen before.

It’s days like these I’m so glad I’m adventurous and love to explore my surroundings. So much is missed sitting in front of the television or in front of the computer all the time.