‘We’re having a blizzard!’

20160327_093410.jpg“We’re having a blizzard!” Those were my words last night and I was playing a joke on someone.

And today we woke up to snow. A pretty decent blanket of snow.

Maybe, quite possibly, I should have not joked about the snow. So, to all the people who woke up to Easter Snow, it’s probably my fault. All. My. Fault.

Now, with all that aside. I love snow. I love waking up to it — that fresh, beautiful, blanket of white, pure snow. I love the way it gently covers the ground and insulates the world from sound. I love looking on the ground for bird tracks and I love seeing my tiny poodle’s tracks in the snow after she’s been outside to potty.

20160327_093316.jpgI love how it sticks to every surface — in the nooks and crannies of the trees and everywhere in between. 20160327_093359.jpg

As I write this a host of birds are in the driveway where the snow has already melted. They are searching for food and a few are taking baths. Beauty. Simple beauty.

The colors outside are striking this morning — Red Bud trees are in full bloom, the buds peeking out under the snow. The green tops of lilies are poking out just above the snow. It’s so beautiful. We’ve had such little snow this year that this is a true gift.


Closing one door, opening another


The newsroom team!

Friday I left my career in journalism and will be heading to the “dark side” as us journalists call it.

Over the years I’ve had the honor to cover many stories, events and met some pretty rock star people and gained some lifetime friends.

In the last 2 1/2 years as editor of the paper I worked for, I worked with some incredible people, who made my last day at the paper memorable, wonderful and tear-filled. They Saran-wrapped my desk and got me a cake that said “Good luck, Quitter. (hahaha). My co-workers at the paper always made me feel valued, loved and they always had an amazing sense of humor that kept us all going. Especially when at 3 p.m. on a Friday a fire or accident happened and we had to strip down Saturday’s paper to fit in the breaking news. We always came together as a team on these things.


Because it wouldn’t be a “last day” without being pranked. 🙂

In these past couple of years there’s been the great times, where we team-covered the Dirty Kanza 200. And there’s been the sad times where we listened in real-time on the scanner when somebody drowned in a flash flood. Tears of joy and tears of sadness and sorrow.

Journalism is like that.



May the odds be ever in your favor, people of the paper. 🙂

I could write pages and pages about my journalism adventure, but I’ll just leave it here: it’s been an amazing ride. I learned so much and grew so much as a person. But, I’m so excited for my new adventure and for new memories.

Thanks to my co-workers at the paper, who made the days bright. Who taught me to laugh. And who taught me it was also OK to cry when the situation is sad. As journalists you see lots of joy, but also lots of gut-wrenching things.

And, my dear co-workers, thanks for the tributes. My work-wife, Jessie wrote this for me. Made me cry. Another co-worker made me cry with his wonderful, heart-felt letter. And the wonderful comments on my farewell card. I worked with some truly amazing, caring people.

With all that said, stay tuned to this page, as I’ll be updating it more now that the weather is nicer! More adventures to come! I’m so excited!



Day 800 of thankfuls, 800 days of change

wpid-20150525_140935.jpgI cannot believe my thankful project reached day 800 a few days ago. Day. 800. That’s a lot of living!

My journey with posting thankfuls on my personal Facebook account began in November 2013 — almost three years ago. I started it, like many of my Facebook friends, during the month of Thanksgiving and I only intended to do it for those 30 days.

Halfway through that month, my mother had a house fire and we lost our dad in that fire. I decided to keep going — to not only find something good about those terrible days, but to also honor him. Eight hundred-plus posts later, here I am.

This journey, more than anything, has been unexpected. I didn’t expect to keep the posts going so long (but I’m glad I have) and I didn’t expect many of the life changes/surprises along the day.

During the past few years I’ve loved and lost. I’ve had my amazing days, my so-so days and my downright painful days. I had major surgery. I am changing careers in a week. So many changes, so much growth.

What I’ve learned about this life is that one thing is certain: it is ever-changing. And most of the time you don’t see those changes coming. Sometimes they show up wrapped up in a pretty bow in a box full of joy. Other times they blindside you and cut you to your knees.

I can say, with honesty, that I’m grateful for every change. I’ve learned something from every one. I’m learning to enjoy life in the moment. I’m learning to embrace change no matter what the change is.

Here’s to the next 800 days!