Paranormal 101 with Girl Scouts


Photo by Linda Clarke

Earlier this month I had the privilege of co-leading a workshop for area Girl Scouts. The workshop, Paranormal 101, was taught with another member of the Kansas Paranormal Research Society, Linda Clarke.

We had 10 young ladies from 6th to 12th grade and one adult come to the workshop at The Gazette. The Gazette has accumulated many tales throughout the years of possible paranormal activity from apparitions to footsteps and everything in between. The building has been host to a few paranormal investigations and has been a part of a haunted tour the past couple of years.


This was the entire group following the investigation.

So, the Gazette was a perfect place to hold the workshop.

First, I was very impressed at the maturity, curiosity and intelligence of these young ladies. They came in with enthusiasm, open minds and with a strong desire to learn. The day opened up with introductions, followed by training on equipment they’d be using during the investigation.

After a quick tour of the building, the real fun began — the investigation of the basement of The Gazette. The Girl Scouts were able to use equipment such a EMF meters, EVP recorders and dousing rods.

wpid-20151010_134913.jpgWe spent a couple of hours in the dark with flashlights, waiting for activity. Activity ranged from possible responses through dousing rods, meters going off, and a clothespin moving after we had left the room. There also was a door on a cabinet that possibly opened, but we weren’t 100 percent sure it was closed when we were down there.

In my life I’m blessed with a wide variety of experiences, this being another one of those.  I enjoyed this workshop immensely and hope to do it again soon.

Thank you Girl Scouts of the Kansas Heartland for letting me host.

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