It’s been a wonderful spring

It truly has been a wonderful spring full of so many things I love. Storms. Water. Traveling. Nature. Family.wpid-20150517_135028.jpg

The recent rains have brought about one of my favorite events: high water. It’s a time when the landscape changes and when the rivers and streams rage — creating a vibrant energy and a beautiful scene to watch. We’ve had two such events in a week. And what’s even better, there is now water in the lake behind my house. It’s so nice to have water again back there.wpid-20150525_140935.jpg

I’ve also had a nice dose of nature this spring. On Memorial Day, a large group of butterflies visited a mock orange tree in the yard. I was able to capture some really incredible close-up shots of the beautiful creatures.

Storms are one of my favorite things about spring. Going home yesterday the storms created the most majestic sunset I’ve seen in a long time. The incredible visual show was displayed across the sky and it was so incredible to see all t
he variations of the same sunset color my social media feeds last night and this morning. Just another moment spring afforded us all last night.

I’ve had a good dose of family time this spring already as well.

Earlier this month we celebrated my niece’s 16th birthday! What a joy it was to share in that moment with her and my family. I’m so proud of who she’s become — a truly wonderful young lady.

This past weekend I got to see my cousin get married — it was such a beautiful ceremony filled with so much love. Oh and rain. Who can forget the rain? But it didn’t put a damper on the beauty of seeing two people begin a new life together.

It truly has been a beautiful spring in so many ways.


Last night I had a crazy dream

The mind is a crazy thing, especially when it’s in a dream state. Last night I had a crazy dream — out of nowhere.

In my dream I had just had my car’s oil change. (My car’s name is Tuxedo by the way). I was on my way out of the dealership when my salesman said he’d meet me outside to show me how to work the paddles on my steering wheel. I smiled and headed out to my car.

Only Tuxedo wasn’t there. Confusion. I looked and looked and finally decided to use the key fob to sound the horn. And my car’s horn was coming from under the ground! Confused, I looked over and a construction crew was resurfacing a parking lot — they had buried Tuxedo and was covering her up with asphalt!

Angry, of course, I ran over and started shouting at them. They looked at me like it was perfectly normal to steal a car and bury it.

I ran over to the dealership, who promised me another car — a government car. What?! I didn’t want a government car, I wanted MY car! The car I love. The car I bought.

Sigh. Even typing this I still feel frustrated.

Dreams are so weird.

Laundromat madness

wpid-20150517_114207.jpgI have many, many stories of all my trips to the laundromat over the years from people getting into fights of dryers to one guy stripping down to his underwear to wash “everything.” But Sunday’s trip with my mom has to be at the top of my list. Mom and I decided to go to the laundromat before I drove home after visiting her. Famous last words from my mom: “it’ll be quick.” “It’ll be easy.”

Our trip to the mat was anything but the above — but it did have me laughing half the way back home Sunday afternoon.

It started out as a typical trip. Load laundry in the car, drive to laundromat. Load laundry into machines. Sit down and begin talking and people-watching. Easy, right? Wrong.

It all started with flickering lights. No biggie, right? Again, wrong. About every second dryer stopped working as well. Well, surely that wasn’t a big deal either, since we didn’t need the dryers yet. Right? Surely the attendant knows how to flip a breaker back on right? Wrong. At this point we just kinda sat back and listened to others get upset — until we realized it was affecting washers too. We looked at mom’s washers and everything seemed fine.

I started to laugh when one guy took his clothes directly out of a tub filled with water and loaded them into the dryer. Another lady behind us was trying to get her washer to restart and finish a cycle.

The place went from calm and collected to a collective angry madhouse. It’s unbelievable how upsetting it is for people when you mess with their laundry and interrupt their Sunday routine.

But, so far, we seemed immune. Until we went over to mom’s front-loader again and it was just sitting there — a steady stream of water pouring over the clothes. The power issue had stopped it mid-cycle and it was stuck on the rinse cycle.

I began to look for the attendant, realizing we were going to have a problem. Front loaders don’t open mid-cycle. The attendant was hunched over a folding table surrounded by people demanding their money back, demanding their clothes and demanding she get all the washers and dryers working.

“Oh hell,” I thought, as I made my way to her to get in line. All my mom’s clothes were stuck — surely she can just reset the machine.

“The owner is coming!” the attendant kept telling everyone.

“I don’t know how to fix all this!” she kept saying.

I instantly felt sorry for her.

Then it became comical.

“Hey you better turn off all the power!” a random guy, who was running across the laundromat yelled. “Those lights are smoking!”

We all looked at the attendant, who looked back at us with a blank stare.

She didn’t know where the power box was.

Me, being the curious person I am, went over to the smoking light, watched it and started laughing. At this point, it became hilarious. I’m in a laundromat with a herd of angry people — because man, don’t mess with laundry! And nobody knows how to get the power off, the light was smoking and what if the place catches fire? At least there are plenty of exit doors, I decided as I sat down in front of mom’s washer. And nobody thought we needed to call the fire department. For the record, it stopped smoking a bit later. I guess it gave up on its part of the drama. LOL.

Mom and I sat a few more minutes, tried telling people to not load their clothes and then chuckled when they wouldn’t listen and their washers held their clothes hostage too. Seriously, we did try to tell them. At one point I tried to go to the washer and pry it open, only to have the attendant tell me it’ll cause a flood. Good point, I suppose, except my mom’s clothes were being held hostage and I admit at this point I was starting to join the angry mob.

Eventually mom had to drive me back to her apartment so I could go home and a couple hours later I got a text saying she was finally done after going to another laundromat — having had to wash her clothes twice.

But, I can’t say I’d have had Sunday any other way. Gained another memory. Another laugh. Another moment. Life is made up of moments that keep us laughing and on our toes. Three cheers for laundromat madness!

Scrunchie mania

wpid-20150507_210437.jpgI due into the recesses of my closet tonight and what did I find?

Every single hair schrunchie known to woman. I’m serious. I had long hair for years. I collected these things. When I chopped my hair off some years back, I didn’t have the heard to get rid of them. I even bought scrunchie hangers — thus the reason they are so well-preserved in my closet.

As I look at them, it’s almost a trip down memory lane. There’s a Tommy one. A Tweety bird one. Ones of every color imaginable. I have plain ones. Fancy ones. Ones with beads. Ones with ribbons and sparkles. Winnie the Pooh. Fuzzy ones. Rough ones. Velvet ones. Fringed ones. Old ones. Broken ones — ones I didn’t have the heart to get rid of.wpid-20150507_210442.jpg

Today, I wore my hair in a ponytail to work — first time in many years. While it was a bit messy and I had fly-aways — it felt good.

I’m so excited to dig out my scrunchies and wear some of them, though my hair is going to have to get a few inches longer before I’m able to wear those without having a pom pon-looking thing sticking out of the back of my head.

Yay for long hair! (or long-er anyway!)

Thankful for gratitude

My daily thankfuls on my personal Facebook account are up over 550 days now. For those of you who aren’t familiar with my project, I chose to start posting daily thankfuls at the beginning of November some 550 days ago. Right in the middle of that, my father was killed in a fire so I kGazette Portraitsept going in honor of him — and to keep myself sane while grieving that horrible tragedy.

Today, I keep going for two reasons: it keeps me grateful and I have had so much feedback from other people how much they enjoy reading them. So, I do it for myself and for others who enjoy reading.

Lately I have found myself grateful for gratitude itself. I have found that if I can move into gratitude at any moment, it changes my outlook — and my attitude. At work I can look around and be grateful for the wonderful, creative freedom I have at the paper and for the amazing, creative people I work with. In my life I’m grateful for my home, the people I love and my fur-children. The list is longer than that, of course.

All around us there are things to be grateful for — the beautiful leaves on the trees, the soft spring air, the air in our lungs. I’m grateful for that.