What a difference a letter makes!

I was talking with one of my best friends, B., the other day and we were emailing back and forth…and oh my what a difference, a letter makes in the word “beg.”

The context of the conversation won’t be discussed, but long story short, I emailed her with the intenion of saying I was going to “beg” somone, but I wrote out “bed” instead. One letter differnence with a whole different meaning! So embarassed about my mistake, I emailed her back saying I was going to “bet” someone. Close, but still no cigar. It took me three emails and a lot of laughter to get the word right. And her reply was perfect: “way to go risqué…LOL.”

Oh man…what a difference, ONE little letter makes. And for the record, I don’t go bribing people or “bedding” them. LOL


I love the sound of rain. It’s calming. In the storm of some stress today, the sound of rain hitting the construction blankets covering fresh concrete outside my window, is a welcome sound. 

Rain is the breath of life. Life depends on it. The sound is soothing, cleansing.

Today I’m grateful for the rain bouncing off my window.

Thanks, Mother Nature.