NaNo Day 13!!

Day 13 and I’ve already topped 27,000 words. NaNo says I’m set to finish on Nov. 23!! Lets hope I can keep up this pace as we all know the holiday is right around the corner!

My novel is coming along VERY VERY good. I’m so pleased. Two characters have emerged as main characters and they are dynamite women. I’m so excited to see what they do next. One is currently fighting for her life though…so it’s a little sad…I’m hoping the story will call for her getting better.

Well, back to it. Just stopped to write this post! And the picture is of a walk in the woods today, some non-writing time!


National Novel Writing Month is in full swing by now and I’m ahead of the game with 17,748 words. Everything is taking on its own life in my book and the characters are coming into their own. I’m learning to “hear” their stories, expand upon them and help them thrive (or not in some cases). The story at this point is becoming fluid and I’m really enjoying the process.

That’s all I wanna write for now!

Onward and upward,


NaNo Day SEVEN!!

Day seven and I found a whole new angle to cover. It was an obvious angle in my book but I hadn’t thought of it until tonight when I found myself staring at the computer screen desperate for words to flow onto the page by themselves.

It was a crazy Monday…Monday pulled a few punches, but I’ve met my word count. Here are my stats:

Words written: 13,600
Words written today: 1,888
At this rate I will finish on Nov. 25!
Words left to write: 36,400 (ugh…still seems daunting)



NaNo Day SIX!!

Day six is down and I’ve crossed the 10,000 mark in my novel! I still have yet to name the novel…I hope to accomplish that soon! I topped out at 11,712 words tonight. Tomorrow I will be over 12,000. It’s exciting and more characters are emerging and others becoming more complex and complete. I’m really enjoying this process. The characters are behaving themselves…well, as much as they can in a society where crime is on the rise.

Onward to tomorrow!



Day four woes….

It was a bit harder to get my word count in today…actually, as I type this I still have about 500 words to pound out. Busy week at work. Crazy day today. All this has led me to not have much motivation at all.

I’m still busy developing my characters and trying to piece together a plot. It’s a fun process, but at times a complicated one.

So, back to writing. At this very moment I have a total of 6,601 words. Not bad for only four days, right?

Onward and upward,


NaNo Day THREE!!

5,495 words.

That is where I stand on my third day of National Novel Writing Month. The novel has taken an unexpected turn already and one person, who I rather liked, had to go. It’s weird how we grieve our characters. Sara, who died tonight, was a lovely person. Successful, pretty, had all the ingredients to be a successful person. Yet, the storyline called for her death which led to a whole other plot line.

So, I’m over the target amount of words by a couple of hundred. I’m starting to really get into my plot!

Onward and upwards!


NaNo day TWO!!!

Well, day two is a shining success despite the fact that I sat down to the computer with a very bad attitude in regard to my book. Once I got started, I threw myself into the plot and the characters and am feeling much better about things.

So here are my stats for the day:

1,946 words written
3,664 total words
46,336 remaining

Onward and upward!


NaNo Day ONE!!!

Day one of National Novel Writing Month is officially a success! You’re encouraged to write some 1,600 words a day to keep on schedule. Today I wrote, 1,718 words. At this pace, I will finish right on time, though I’m hoping to finish a couple of days early like I did last year.

This year I’m embarking on a whole new genre — futuristic sci-fi. With a controversial plot that I’ll keep to myself for the time being. I’m in the character and plot development stage so it’s not hard to get to the required word count at this stage. It’s the 35,000 word stage I dread! Last year it was a challenge at that point because the characters had been well developed and the plot well set.

This year, since the plot is pretty much entirely new and the characters are new, I’m not sure what’s going to happen in my new world.

With that said, Day 1 is a shining success. On to Day 2!

Onward and upward,