365: Day five

Well, today with elections pretty much was a flop. Today’s assignment was to work with something you collect. Well, I collect dog clothes. So here’s my dogs in clothes….and they wouldn’t sit still. Sorry for the cruddy pictures!

PJ in his hat.

That’s totally not the way to wear a hat!!

Mayiah in her scarf and Chewie looking very angry at me.

365: Day 4

What do you get when you walk five minutes, see a stick and a piece of frayed tarp? A tee pee. What else? :0)

Today’s project centered around taking a five-minute walk and then making something with the matierals that you see.

It was a challenge making my tee pee out of a stick and a piece of frayed tarp. First, I was working on small scale. Second, THOSE SURVIVOR SHOWS LIE. It’s not quick trying to put one of those together! I worked and worked and finally figured out that maybe I was doing it all wrong. Here is the result..not great but hey, it’s MINE:

My stick and string. Pre-tee pee.

Halfway through design process.

And it’s done. haha. Kind of pathetic, but I think it’d work for an ant or two.

365 Day 3!!

Welcome to 365: Day three.

Today’s daunting task was to make something out of a piece of paper — without using glue, writing on it or scissors. This proved to be hard and I ended up not being so creative. Since my internet is being spotty you just get the finished product. It’s worth a metal. haha.

So…uhm, remember the paper snowflakes? :0)

365: Day Two!

I was supposed to post this yesterday, but with helping my mom move we didn’t get the project completed. Today’s project was to let an animal be your inspiration. Here’s my inspiration:

Finished product! The above photo is the product in process. :0)

Day one of 365 days

Today I attempted day one out of 365 days of creativity. The journal is by Noah Scalin. The book encourages you to create one thing every day for 365 days. Day one was all about starting small. And start small I did. My mom is moving and I could only find some old napkins from my graduation in 2010. :0)

So, above you see the process and a picture of a cap I pasted on the page.

Yep, it’s time to get started! :0)

This is the finished product. Not great, but it is a start! Look tomorrow for maybe something more … uhm, creative? :0)

365 days…..An exciting journey

Today I got something so exciting in the mail! I got my book “A Daily Creativity Journal.” The author, Noah Scalin, has put together the book which gives you prompts to create something every single day for 365 days. I’m starting the challenge tonight and will keep my blog updated as often as I can. I can’t promise I’ll do it every single day, but I’m sure gonna try!!

Tonight I will be at my mom’s and I’m going to recruit her to create my first work of art! Pics to follow!!