Success is sweet!!

Success is sweet!! I did it! I actually finished Sunday evening but was too lazy to put up a blog post! By the time I got done, I was too tired to do anything else!

So I’ve now completed my 50,000 words (actually came in a bit above 50,000) and I am so proud of myself. It was such a journey. I dreamed about my characters, re-wrote the plot based on my dreams and wrote the title of my book on my arm in the middle of the night in a lame attempt to remember the title!

So congrats to any other NaNo participants out there — whether you met the 50,000 word goal or not, you are a winner!! :0)



I am just 400 words shy of 40,000 words on my book for National Novel Writing Month (NaNo). I would have made it to 40,000 this morning, but No. 1, I got burned out from writing nearly 3,000 words this morning and No. 2, I was multi-tasking at home and had to also work on some stuff for the paper.

I must say it’s been a fantastic journey and there are surprises around every corner. I never know what my characters are going to do next. They seem to almost have minds of their own — even if they are from my mind.

I don’t have my stats available right now, but I do plan on finishing by Nov. 30!!

Cheers, B.

Thanksgiving is Thursday!

I can hardly believe that Thanksgiving is this week! As I down my coffee for the morning I am reflecting on the busy (but rather short) week ahead. I have so many things to be thankful for this holiday season  — though I can’t believe it’s here already, especially since it also signifies the end of NaNo the first part of next week!

I will be spending time with family this Thursday and just enjoying life and getting some much needed rest, and of course I will be writing and writing and writing. Did you expect any less?

So, this holiday season, count your blessings, even if they are as small as having a place to sleep or someone to love you. They’re all blessings. Our lives are blessings….

NaNo Day 21

Day 21 has arrived and we’re offically under 10 days to go!! It’s amazing to look back and see how much I’ve written. Today I developed a strong sub-plot and now have two pretty solid plots going on within the same family. It’s getting interesting and will be far from down at the end of November.

Today’s stats:

Words written today: 2,404
Number of Pages: 106
Days remaining: 9
Words remaining: 14,883
Words written: 35,117

Onward and upward!



NaNo day 17 and SNOW!

So Day 17 of the great NaNo is coming to a close (at least the writing part) and I’m approaching 30,000 words! Tomorrow I will be at 30,000.

Today my characters ran amuck a bit. As I struggle to keep up with the word count, they got a little out of control today. The whole phrase “don’t do something I wouldn’t do…” well, it doesn’t apply to these guys.

And, to top it off, it’s snowing! It’s our first snow of the season here. And it’s coming down in great big fluffy, white flakes. It’s so pretty. There is nothing quite like the first snow of the season. It’s not likely to stick to the ground though as it’s been quite warm the past several days.

So as I close today’s blog entry here’s my stats:
Words written today: 1,981
Word count to date: 29,001
Words to go: 20,991
Days left: 13

Onward and upward!


NaNo Day 16

Well today I spent some time backtracking in my novel and filling in some fine details such as the town my characters live in and some of the background of the town. I decided to set the town in Kansas, but came up with a fictional name that I’m not sure will stick, but for now it’s there. I’ve only lived in Kansas and to set it somewhere else at this point would require me to do some additional research and it’s easier to capture something I know than something foreign to me. So, that’s what I’m sticking to — at least for the moment.

I’m ahead of my word count again, I write a couple more hundred words a day more than needed — just in case I need them again as padding.

So, onward and upward!!

Today’s stats:
Total words: 27,020
Words remaining to get to 50,000: 22,980
Days left: 14
Words written today: 1,716



FINALLY more than halfway there!!

Today is an epic day in NaNo world. The tables have turned and I’ve finally written more words than I have left to write. I topped the halfway mark by 304 words today, making my count, 25,304.

While I picked up some fresh material over the weekend, today was a bit more of a challenge and I decided to delve deep into the memories and past of some of my characters. And there’s a little bit of my own experiences weaved into the story. My lessons become my characters’ lessons. Life experience is a precious gift to my writing.

So today, I am so pleased and so excited to be over the halfway mark!!!

Today’s stats:
Cumulative words written: 25,304
Words remaining: 24,696
Days left: 15
Words written today: 1,697

NaNo Day 14

I am happy to report, today was a success. And it not only was a successful day in reaching today’s word count, I have successfully caught up on the two days I missed due to being out of town for my uncle’s funeral.

It wasn’t as hard as I thought. I was more than 4,000 words behind on my word count. I wrote all those and even managed to reach 4,513 words that I wrote today alone. It did me some good to step away for a day or two and I even picked up some new material along the way.

Chloe, my main character, had a bit of a bad experience in today’s writing, but I will say no more.

Today’s stats:
Total words: 23,607
Words remaining: 26,693
Days remaining: 16

Onward and upward!



Sadly, I will not be making my word goal today or tomorrow. Number one, I have some family matters to attend to and number two, I simply need to recharge.

It’s a lot harder than I thought to write every day and write that much. While I’m excited to get to the end goal, I can tell when my creative mind needs a couple days break to recharge. I will be back at it Saturday or Sunday and yes, I will officially be BEHIND for the first time this month, but I am giving myself a “A for effort” and granting myself that break. I keep thinking if I can only pound out my 1,600 words today I’d feel better, but I’m giving myself permission to just take a bit of a break.

So, over and out and I’ll be back full steam in a couple of days.


I’m pleased to announce that NaNo Day 10 is a wild success! Ok, so not “wild” but it has been a success.

I have little to write today really. I’m not feeling well today and it’s been a challenge getting the words out. I now have 61 pages written on my book. It feels wild to have that much written! I didn’t think I would even make it this far this month!

With that, my final word tally for today is 19,094. Tomorrow I will go up and over the 20,000 mark!

Friday I am headed to a relative’s funeral so I’m not sure I’ll be writing that day. Saturday and Sunday likely will be spent trying to catch up. After all, I have been writing ahead of schedule and it’s going to come in handy this weekend!

So my stats for today:
Total words written: 19,094
Words written today: 1,737
Days to go: 20
Words left to write: 30,906

Onward and upward!