Polar Plunge!!

The annual Polar Plunge to benefit Special Olympics was Saturday and what an experience it was!
It was around 32 degrees Saturday morning at Mouse Lake. We all huddled in our costumes as it was switching between snow and sleet. I had short sleeves on and water shoes so I was pretty cold, but not too bad.
Then there was the water. Nothing can prepare you for that water. It looks innocent as you stand there gazing at it and watching people jump in. As people jumped “out” they had looks of horror on their faces. It was evident that water was not innocent!
That water was darn cold! So finally my turn came. I had watched several people scamper by and run to the heated tents. I walked to the dock, egged the crowd on and jumped in. I went all the way under, lock stock and barrel. Nothing could prepare me for that water like I said earlier! That water was cold, stabbing and brutal. My muscles froze up and for a second I couldn’t remember why I was in the water and what I was doing. But I quickly recovered and headed for the heated tent.
It was a great experience, definetely one for my life list! Thanks for all who donated! Until next year!

Polar Plunge is SATURDAY

The Polar Plunge to benefit Special Olympics is Saturday. Saturday I will jump in a cold, icy lake on my donors’ behalf and on behalf of those who will benefit in the Special Olympics. I chose to do this late last year and while it’s only going to be in the 30s this weekend, it’s far to late to chicken out now. So please, if you can see this, considering donating to help me reach my goal!

Follow this link and you can donate online! http://www.firstgiving.com/brandynance



Ah yes! Friday is upon us! And what a great Friday it is! The sun is out and shining the snow is melted and I can actually see hints of green in the grass — just hints. But it’s a start. And it brings the promise of Spring.

Mother Nature really blessed all of us this morning in Kansas. She provided us with a gorgeous sunrise. I didn’t have a chance to snap a picture, but it was beautiful as the sun came up in brillant orange.

So yes, it’s Friday. A good Friday indeed!

May 1

May 1 is a key date for me. Actually, there are two key dates. March 15 and May 1. But May 1 is the big one.

For two years I’ve worked tirelessly on my master’s degree. At this point I have five weeks left. For more than two years I’ve given up free time, TV shows, sleep and even my social life for school. My laptop goes everywhere with me, just ask my mom who’s had to put up with me at her house with my head in the computer cramming my latest assignment.

But that will all be over in five weeks. FIVE. I can hardly believe it.

May 1 is the big date. That’s the day where I get to have family and friends with me to celebrate my achievement. It’s the day I get to walk across that state and claim my prize — my diploma. My MBA/MKT degree. It’s glory day. It’s MY day.

The countdown is on. May 1 I am so looking forward to you!


As I sit here in a meeting in the middle of February, I am longing for the smell of sunscreen.
But it isn’t just sunscreen that I long for. It’s a symbolic snapshot in my mind of what sunscreen stands for. Sunscreen to me is the signature scent of summer. It means green leaves, soft breezes, barbecues, laughter and lots of sunshine.
I never thought I could crave a scent like sunscreen but today I am. It’s almost strong enough to drag the sunscreen out of my cabinet and take a big whiff. I long for summer through the bulky clothing.
That’s not to say that winter isn’t lovely. Winter brings its own beauty. Mother Nature is just as striking — if not more — in the winter as she is in the spring and summer. Frost that sparkles in the tallgrass plains of Kansas like diamonds can’t be rivaled. A silent night with a fresh blanket of snow on the ground — breathtaking (sometimes literally if it’s cold enough).
So winter definetly has her perks. But today, today I really, really need some sun — I think I’ll go home and put some sunscreen on — just to humor myself.

The beauty project

I’ve been looking for a way to invite positivity into my life and I’ve come up with a project — a project I am calling The Beauty Project.

This project will liven up my blog, my life and hopefully bring some sunshine to others’ lives as well.

Beauty is all around us. It’s in the snow on the ground, it’s in the tickle of the cold winter air. It’s in the first green buds that show up on the trees in early spring. It’s in the smile of a child or the smile of a friend.

Each week I will be posting about The Beauty Project. It may be once a week, it may be more. Either way, I will be including pictures and dialog about what beauty I encountered that week.

Here’s to my next project — the Beauty Project.