Cell phone embarassment

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Cell phone lessons

Isn’t it great that we can download ringers to our cell phones? We can choose any song we desire to alert us to our ringing phone or a text message.

What a great invention right? Well, I thought so. And when I got my free ringer from my carrier I should have thought about my choice harder. Or should have listened to my ringer rather.

I got a ringer, which I assigned to my text messages entitled “Text Messages.” Hey, sounded like a good idea at the time. I sure wish I would have learned this lesson a bit sooner than when and where I did learn it.

I was in a meeting and had forgotten to turn my ringer down. This is something I rarely do and normally it wouldn’t have been so embarrassing except that the song I chose wasn’t just about text messages.

I was in this meeting minding my own business when the text message came thorough. My phone belts out “I’m sending you text messages…” follow by “you’re calling them sex messages…” Yes SEX messages. I was completely mortified that all the times I’ve heard that thing go off I never realized the second line was talking about text messaging and sex. I’ll likely never live this down. EVER.

Needless to say, the song has been completely deleted from my phone and replaced with Tina Turner. My ego is still hurt though. My face is red just typing this blog entry. But anybody who truly knows me will only roll their eyes and know that it’s something I do from time to time — completely embarrass myself.

Maybe someday I’ll tell y’all about my cock fighting incident in college. Or the seat inspection incident that my co-worker caught in some of my copy yesterday. Those are for another time!


A child’s magic

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Sometimes all it takes is the innocent smile of a child to remind us what is important in life.

I was walking to my county commission meeting this morning sulking about how much I have to do at work and with my accounting final this week. I’m so busy from now to Sunday that I can’t even see past this weekend.

That is what was going through my mind as I was crossing the street to go to the courthouse. I crossed on a light that a kid on his bike has activated so we could both cross. He shined a smile at me as he breezed by on his bike.

With that smile, some things became clear. The kid is probably as busy as I am with school — only on a kid-sized scale. Yet it didn’t seem to be bothering him.

So, where do we as adults go wrong? Sure there are more pressures in the scope of things. And somebody took our recess away, making many of us disgruntled — including me. Yes, adults have real pressures. So do our kids. Their pressures — from a child’s point of view — are just as stressful. Think back and remember how stressful it was to be a child, a pre-teen and a teenager. Think about those issues. Yes, they were stressful.

But what that child reminded me of this morning, even though life has its pressures, it’s okay to smile. It’s okay to sing. It’s okay.

So, as a reminder to myself:

• My accounting final will get done. And I will do well. Even if I don’t do well, the sun will still come up the next day.
• My accounting paper will get done as well.
• The newspaper will roll off the presses even if there’s a ton to do. And it will roll off the presses with my stories in it.
• The weekend will come.
• The week will come and go as well.

Today I will laugh, enjoy myself and work hard. To the child riding his bicycle, I don’t know your name but you turned my day around with a simple smile. Thank you.

Tina Turner still rockin’

I had the honor (a true honor) to see Tina Turner in concert in Kansas City, Mo., on October 1. And at 68, she is still rockin’ and truly blew me away with her talent, her charm and her ability to fully engage the crowd.

While the concert was awesome…lets back up a bit to some events that led up to it! First of all, it’s Kansas City. The traffic is nothing like the small city I live in. Now while some of you from California may laugh, an 8-lane highway is a big deal to those of us who are used to two-lane or at the max, four-lane highways. There were several bottle necks that we hit along the way, but finally made it there. And in plenty of time! Except there were a couple of hitches once there.

Parking. Parking at the Sprint Center, which is located in downtown Kansas City, was horrible. We ended up on the seventh level of a parking garage — something we would regret later when the concert ended.

We finally find parking and get into line. Had our tickets. Life was good. I was excited. Downtown Kansas City is amazing. The buildings tower over the Sprint Center. I found it amazing. The architecture is amazing. I was quickly jerked out of my amazement when we got kicked out of line. Yes, kicked out of line. I didn’t pay attention to the numerous warnings against cameras. I had not only one but two cameras on me. I didn’t realize they would be checking bags. So we walked back to the car and unloaded the cameras (and audio recorder). After all, I still had my camera phone…I was thinking I would dare them to take that from me. Later I had the brilliant idea of making a camera that looks like a phone but is really a camera…just to sneak into those events!

The wait to get back into the Sprint Center was a long one but the concert was well worth it. I mean WELL WORTH IT. We were on the floor, which I’ll never do again because the seating isn’t elevated and we were on the back row on the floor.

Tina Turner was truly amazing. The set was amazing and had all kinds of special effects including fireworks, which I found added to the charm of the whole thing. Turner rocked that stage like she was 20. She did more jumping, singing and dancing than I could do and I’m only 32!

I did get a few pics with my camera phone. Hey, don’t knock me! I was one of MANY camera phones up in the air! I was too far to really get anything recognizable except for stage lights. A bouncer did come by and ask me to put my phone away…yeah that…whatever.

During the concert, I sang and danced like I was 20. Let me tell you, I haven’t danced that much since I was in my early 20s. Turner makes you feel good like that. She draws the crowd in like no one I’ve ever seen.

My favorite song had to be Proud Mary. She added a unique twist to it, taking several times to really get into the song. It kept you hanging. But when she got going…man, I was totally lost in the song! AMAZING!

After the concert, they emptied the parking garage we were in by levels — starting with the first level. Mind you we were on level 7. It took an hour and a half to get out of there. But I didn’t really care. I was still lost in the magic of the concert!

It was a rare opportunity — one that I hope many people get to experience! Rock on Tina! Rock on!