Time to spruce up

So I’ve decided it’s time to spice up my life and my blog. Since i have FINALLY figured out how to size pictures for the Web (thank you Gwen!!) I’m going to be able to get some on here.

Stay tuned! I’m headed to Colorado in less than a week!!! Each day I’ll post a fun pic!!! Can’t wait!!! It’s time for some fun…some relaxation and even some healing…some time away from the daily life and from the daily worries and yes, even from work! So here’s to Colorado!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Never underestimate the value of….

Fun! Me relaxing by a tree!

The value of a smile even if you’re tired! I’m tired and dirty/messy but still smiling!!

This is my friend I met on Saturday night!! Isn’t he lovely??

HARD WORK!! Can you see me? I’m in there somewhere I promise!! It was a long day today. Linda and I spent the day trimming trees, cleaning out gutters and just working.

I know the secret!!

I finally figured out the secret to happiness!

You know what? There is no “secret.” Happiness lies within us. It’s there all the time all we have to do is reach for it.

There’s no magic formula that says “you will be happy if you multiply A by B and then divide it by C.” There just isn’t. So I’ve found my own formula and it goes like this:

For me happiness is family, friends, and all the simple pleasures in life. It’s watching a movie with a buddy. Or spending time with my parents. It’s hitting that send button on a project I’ve worked a long time on. It’s typing the word done in bold letters beside my story assignments at the newspaper. It’s the little things that bring us pleasure, make us smile and makes us feel good.

I used to always think there was some big secret…well, I’ve finally found it! :0)