Grateful for what I have…

I have been quite poor at blogging lately. Between work and school it’s been the last thing on my mind.

But today I was inspired enough to write a few words. I was stewing in my car about how much work I had to do and how much of a pain everything is turning out to be today. I was sitting at the bank when I realized, exactly how much more do I need? I mean, seriously, I was sitting in my car and all the sudden I realized my car payment is paid, my gas tank was full, I had a nice diet coke in hand and a cool spring breeze was teasing my hair and cooling my face. I’m not hungry. I have a home, people who love me, a steady job, transportation and I have my health.

Sure, this year has seen some major losses already, and it hasn’t been the best year. But…I’m alive and well…again, I asked myself how much more do I need? No, things aren’t perfect. There are some things in my life that I still need to get in order and figure out. But it could be worse. Much worse.

Once again, it always seems I get the right inspiration at the right time to kick me back into gear. Mother Nature is usually the one who gives me that swift kick (or subtle breeze) to remind me that life is indeed good.