Shoulda stayed in bed…

I knew it was going to be one of those days when I was up half the night with dogs, weather radios and odd dreams. I think the entire household probably slept less than three to four hours total.

And it just kept going. As I got into my car I discovered, of all things, I had dog poop on my hand, which I transferred to my purse, my keys, my car door, my laptop bag and everywhere else I touched from whereever I picked up the poop to my car. Yep, I just knew it was going to be a day. Not only did I have to wash my hands, I had to wash everything I touched before I could leave for work. So, that made me late.

When I get to work my editor informed me I had forgotten to write a brief for today’s paper. No big deal. Just another hitch in my day. It’s what happened next that royally pissed me off. And anybody who knows me will understand why. I was attempting to get into my car with my arms full and my most precious possession on a day with no sleep fell to the ground and spilled all over the street — my Diet Coke. Yes, my Diet Coke. It may seem minor, but spend five minutes with me in the morning and then laugh when my Diet Coke hits the ground. Trust me, nobody would laugh at that incident!

So, here I sit at 10:17 a.m. cranky, tired and without my Diet Coke. The day is still young. I have time to turn the mood around…however, it’s expected to rain this afternoon and of all things, I wore white pants. I think I need to go back to bed…

Nowhere but here…

This morning I stood by the lake behind my house and I told myself I didn’t have to be anywhere but there — in that moment. For 45 seconds to a minute that is.

But, in those precious seconds I had the chance to center myself and recognize the beauty that graced the lake this morning. On one side of the lake some logs that flooded in the lake during a January storm was covered in cormorants. The ones that couldn’t fit on the log were swimming around it. I stopped counting at 30.

Some squalling brought my attention to the other side of the lake. The Great Blue Heron who normally claims the lake was disturbed by several cormorants and ducks. Now to understand this situation you have to understand the heron and his attitude toward HIS lake. Yes, his lake. He just lets the rest of us use it. So the sudden bombardment of all these other birds are enough to drive this poor guy nuts.

This year we’ve had many different species of birds on our lake. It’s been a good year for us.

This morning was beautiful. My thoughts float back to that moment as I sit here and listen to the phones ring and my co-workers stress about today’s stories. Ah — nowhere but here. Can I go back now??

Pieces of gold….

Today I find the beauty in the simple things of life — the smile on a stranger’s face, the laughter of a co-worker and best of all the win by KU last night. Rock Chalk Jayhawk!

Seriously though, there is much beauty in life and I’m enjoying finding it. If you look and you really don’t have to look hard, you can spot it. It’s like finding little gold coins everywhere — the simple pleasures and I am in awe of life’s beauty. Truly.

Spring is here and the flowers are peeking through the ground. The trees are just starting to bud out and the spring thunderstorms are in full force as evidence by the wicked lightening storm that kept me and my dogs up most of the night last night. Nature’s beauty — and sometimes fury. It’s all a part of life and life’s beauty. We need the rain to nourish the trees, the flowers and most of all, the crops.

All in all, it’s a good time to be alive. And I’m looking forward to finding that next piece of gold in my world.